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Capture the Colour Photoblogging Travel Competition

This is my entry to Capture the Colour competition. The main idea is to find among your photos the ones that best represent five colours of blue, green, yellow, white and red. In addition to that, each photo has to be described why it is a special one. I think this is a great idea, so please have a look at my entry and leave a comment or two. 

The first image is for the blue colour.

No, it's not an ocean, or the sky, or anything traditionally blue, and the colour blue here is rather strange. This house is in an area called Žvėrynas, the Menagerie. In the XVI th century this area was forested and animals were kept for dukes and kings to hunt, hence the name Menagerie. Time passed, people cut down the forest and a living quarter started. It mainly houses wooden buildings, now protected as heritage. You can view more pictures by clicking on this link and you can read in more detail here

The second image is for green. 

This photo was taken at a plant show "Green Horizons". The plant you see is actually death in disguise: it's a carnivorous plant of sarracenia family. It lures flies and similar creatures inside where they are consumed by this plant as it feeds on such prey. These plant shows are held annually and attract a number of visitors, mainly orchid lovers.  

The third photo is for yellow. 

We have very old botanical gardens. You can read about their incredible history in my entry for Blog Carnival Nearcations and view more beautiful tulips here . Now, what makes this photo special? As you probably know, tulips cannot bloom for a long time, so this photo was taken during probably the last hours of many of them. It was raining during my visit, so I had a camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. BTW, if you can you spot an itsy-bitsy spider in this tulip, you probably don't need glasses! 

The fourth photo is for white. 

I am a fan of Japanese culture and this spring I organized a little sakura watching event in Vilnius. I was rightfully shamed when another person suggested watching something beautiful of our own culture, so I grabbed my camera and set out to capture our apple-tree blossoms. This photo shows a tiny blossom on a tree that is located in the middle of a living district and you can see the sunshine through it! Once here was a farmstead, obviously, but now it's long gone, the only reminders of the former life are the old, crunched apple-trees. More beautiful photos can be viewed here . P.S. I am still a fan of Japanese culture.

The fifth and final photo is for red.

Since this entry is dominated by plants, why don't I finish with the best shot? This is what the inside of the red tulip looks like. This photo was taken during my visit to our botanical gardens especially to collect material for my entry to Blog Carnival Nearcations

The next move is to nominate five other bloggers to take part. After some consideration (only 5 out of so many!), I nominate the following ones:

1. Jennifer and Tim from http://jdombstravels.com 
3. Bret and Mary from http://greenglobaltravel.com 
4. That's Hamori family from http://www.thatshamori.com
5.  Archeology Travel team from http://www.archaeology-travel.com

My sincere apologies to those who were not nominated, I still love you all! *hug hug*

If you are going to take part in this contest too, feel free to leave a comment with a link to it, I'd love to see your entry. Many thanks to the organizers for this fabulous idea! 

Lots of love,


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