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Europe in My Region Blog Contest: The Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path

This blog post is an entry to "Europe in My Region Blog Contest" as an acknowledgement for the European Union funding to Lithuania.

This treetop walking path is the only such path in the Baltic countries and even in the Eastern Europe. The path is situated in Anyksciai forest near the Puntukas stone, which honours two famous Lithuanian aviators Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. The path starts on the ground and slowly rises to the height of 21 meter and runs 300 metres, concluding with the observation tower at the height of 34 meters. Visitors can admire the bend of Šventoji river during four seasons of the year. The design of the path is based on the folklore ribbon and the prominent rhombus symbol.

The main argument against this project was the fear that hordes of tourists will destroy the sanctity and the quietness of the Anyksciai forest, and that they will trample on the forest ground and ruin the flora beyond recovery. Fears were not grounded because the sensational treetop walk enables a large amount of people to enjoy the scenery without actually stepping on it. This may be the reason the Anyksciai treetop walking path won the first award from the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2016 as the most innovative tourism project.

The path was opened by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė on 07 August, 2015. The total European Union funding for this project was 2,5 mln Euros. Since then, the Anyksciai treetop walking path has been a tourism success in Lithuania and very popular with neighbouring countries. The first opening weekend welcomed 11,000 visitors. Naturally, the first season was challenging with parking and catering issues because nobody could have assumed such popularity of a seemingly humble project.







Official information about EU funding and the Anyksciai treetop walking path: Anykščiuose atidarytas medžių lajų takas (LT)
Official website of the Anyksciai treetop walking path with visitor information: MEDŽIŲ LAJŲ TAKO KOMPLEKSAS (LT)

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